v. Redwitz CONSULT

Customer feedback

Very stimulating lecture by Annika von Redwitz on digital transformation and diversity at the “Bücherfrauen” Annual Meeting 2019 - very authentic, well-founded, knowledgeable, motivatingly conveyed.

Frauke Ehlers

Abteilungsleiterin Honorarabrechnung und Planungsservice at Georg Thieme Verlag KG

Ms. von Redwitz supported DATEV eG (IT service provider) as an expert and external panelist in various fish bowl sessions during the DATEV-Diversity week 2018 with focus on different paths of life. Everyone could hear and feel that diversity is a concern of the heart for her. She brings in her great wealth of experience in a vivid and concrete way, with a lot of Esprit. Her participation was a real enrichment for our diversity week.

Claudia Lazai

Diversity & Inclusion Officer, DATEV eG in Nuremberg

You made a great contribution to the event, drawing in many listeners. I’m certain that several of them have taken up the topic and are thinking about how generational diversity looks in their own company.  

Hermann-Josef Haag

Head of IPEMA® Service Center (ISC) and Customer Center of Expertise (CCoE) at the State Finance Ministry Rhineland-Palatinate, Working Group Spokesperson for Human Resources (HCM) at the German SAP User Group (DSAG)

Drawing on her many years of expertise and international background, she brings a passion and holistic view of a topic of the highest relevance in the context of digitization and the radical change of industries and society, providing an inspiring level of energy coupled with the necessary sensitivity to the environment Table brings!

Diana Gummer

Strategy & Innovation Consultant for Digital Business Model Prototyping and Transformation, Boldly Go Industries

I came here without any great expectations regarding the topic of diversity management. Your presentation, “Diversity as a Success Factor for SMEs”, really increased my awareness. Many thanks for that! It brought the importance and necessity of diversity management more strongly into my consciousness and focus.

Peter Hertweck

Senior management / Senior consultant, BWS Nachfolgerforum

I would like to thank you most warmly for your excellent work as chair of the Diplomatic Council’s Global Diversity Forum. The energy, expertise and commitment with which you promote the topic of diversity in our global organization is remarkable and of the greatest importance to our members. Life is diversity and diversity is enrichment, and you are an enrichment for our organization.

Hang Nguyen

Secretary General Diplomatic Council