What’s important to me

Creating diversity means bringing together people of different ages and genders, of different ethnic origins, expertise and identity, and creating a working environment of acceptance and mutual trust. With the goal of strengthening productivity and the spirit of innovation.

Companies that clearly commit to diversity – in word AND deed – find themselves changing in a way that benefits all concerned. Management, customers, employees and business partners all profit from this cultural transformation.

As a diversity consultant it’s important to me to support companies as they move towards the win-win situation of making diversity a fixed part of their business strategy – and anchoring it step by step in their organization.

I am deeply convinced that diversity management understood in this way is the right response to a changed, globalized world of work where customers have a wide range of requirements. Diversity management doesn’t simply exist for its own sake: it supports company strategy, representing solid economic success. I’d like to share that experience with management and teams in your company, working together with them to put it into practice.